Friday, July 10, 2009

Change of plan and it's all good....

Mom had some friends in her condo at the beach this week, they asked if they could stay for the weekend so she called me at work today. Sure, why not, they are from the mid states region and I am sure they don't get quite enough beach time as we do, so we are here home tonight. A book I had ordered came in tonight at Borders so I went and picked it up. I also found out today at work today that I have won a trip to Nascar in Bristol, TN next month. Now don't get me wrong, I have no clue about Nascar, but I am up for a trip to a new place that I have never been before, plus I get to bring a friend..hmmmm I will dig deep on this one!!! I have a few Nascar friendly friends here in mind, but we'll see who's worthy of an all expense weekend in Bristol, TN Don't get me wrong, I love all my friends, but it seems like friend I didn't even know I had come out of the woodwork when these things happen!

Next weekend, we are off to NYC....again, I need to find someone to accompany me, and I have been wracking my brain over this all day. I hate to ask someone at the last minute, but I think in numbers it will be that much more fun!!

Tomorrow we have decided to drive to the beach for the day, we are packed and ready to go, so now just a good nights rest and some sun and fun tomorrow and maybe a good seafood dinner on the way home!!

I made it to the Y today too, weights, I did the whole circuit, I am quite sure I will also feel this tomorrow too!! lol

As for M, yes he and I are over, but in his mind I guess he thinks not, I had to finally block his number on my phone today because he keeps calling and texting....I just don't get men, and at this point, well I don't want

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