Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday and the weekend is here........

It's going to be a great weekend weather wise, I am hoping to have ds2 and myself on the road by 7pm headed down to the beach. I am packed, have my gym stuff in the car too for a quickie workout after work. Yes, I am putting my priority back in my life of exercise! It really has helped me through all that has been going on. Of course it doesn't mean I'm happy about the way this has turned out, but it is what it is Of course, he did text me yesterday, unbelievable was my opinion on that one. I have no idea why they always continue to self-medicate because maybe they feel a little bad about how they treated me. A simple sorry, or honesty up front would have been alot better. Anyhow, it's over, there is no turning back for me. But on an unhappy note, now I am single for the big boat trip next weekend. I do have a few friends Iam considering to ask to tag along, it's going to be a great trip as always down the Hudson River into NYC and by the Statue of Liberty, followed by a great dinner that night overlooking the NYC skyline and a sleepover!!

So with this I am off to work, I have alot to do today and we have alot of people coming in too!!

Enjoy the day and the weekend!

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Susy said...

Sounds wonderful! NYC~not sure if I will ever get to that side of the world. But I'd love to go once. Big citys...nice place to visit but i would not live there, but I'd love to go just once. Have a blast and say HI to lady liberty for me.

Take care of you~ your worth it Michelle!