Monday, July 13, 2009

Decisions are made and they are both in......

for my upcoming weekend I asked my gf Heather to join me....she said yes and it is going to be a great girl/relaxing weekend. Plus we get to catch up because we are always trying to catch up and hang out for a few hours and it never happens!! I'm really excited for this.

Ok, for Nascar in Bristol....I chose my friend Rick. Why, because he's my friend, he's 6'4 (body guard and he loves he's been through some shit with me when I break up with guys. I told him a nice dinner out one night would be great, don't get any funny ideas while on the trip!! lol He's actually over the moon about this whole adventure, because apparently that weekend is the biggest in Nascar circuit..the original Sat night race. Who would have known!! Obviously not me. I am trying to see if we are going to be close enough to visit any cool places, not likely but it will try. Anyhow, I am excited I have a plan with two great friends and well we are back at work for another fun filled week!

Weather is perfect for mid July (no a/c yet) and I am enjoying life...of course my house is wreck and no wash is done, someone really needs to go grocery shopping. I think I need a personal assistant, if only I won the powerball then all would be redeemed!!

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