Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The middle of the week again

And I have had a little peace in my life with the routine of work, dinner, exercise, clean up and then some R&R with the son. It's good to have routine although I tend to really mix it up most weekends!

Yesterday I got a suprise text from M, he borrowed someone else's phone (so yes P, you win the $15 are yours lol) I just couldn't believe the unmitigated gall of him trying to contact me after I repeatedly ask he not. I really just think men are hardwired so much differently than women and I am not sure I am willing to put up with that just yet!

Work is good, busy and ever evolving but that is for the good of all of us! Willingness to evolve means we will continue working!

DS2 is getting itchy, so the healing has really begun, we've given him a yardstick so he can try to access the itches...I told him not to be too forceful or he'll break it off in there and that could mean problems again!

Other than that, the heat and humidity are going to make their appearance, we have really been lucky with quite mild weather for summer so far and I have fully enjoyed it!

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