Thursday, June 18, 2009

Technically it's 2 1/2 days....but who's counting...

I am, that is who! lol Last night he said that him and his buddies have a celebratory drink after drills, I wasn't happy with this and said you have spent every minute of every day with these guys for two weeks, I understand the whole it's over and male bonding thing, but geez I want to be selfish and have him all to myself, because I know what guys + drinking = out all night and I'm driving them home (all drunk) needless to say I was none to happy about this and made my opinion very clear!!

Yesterday was a horrible day, well maybe not that bad in hindsight, but it seemed that every angry customer, stupid supplier and just ignorant person came out of the woodwork. I smiled, put on my best face and just hoped to get through the day, while I called my gf, made plans to meet up with her last night and detox from all the hassle of the day :) It was a nice night!

So I am off to work, again no formal exercise excep the running around at work yesterday, one day I should wear my pedometer and see how much I really walk, because it's alot!

Rain! that is the weather for today, and wind, makes for a lovely day, so we are day 16 out of 18 with rain this month, tomorrow, finally Sun.....all I hope is for Sun next Fri, Sat and Sun for my girls weekend down at the shore!!

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