Friday, June 19, 2009

I am so glad it's Friday....

you have no idea. After another trying day yesterday, I came home after stopping at bank, made a quick pot of spaghetti for the boys, ate a small salad and headed up to bed. Yes, 6:30pm and I was in bed and asleep at 7pm. I slept straight through until 10:30 and then was up for about 1/2 hour and fell promptly back asleep. M called around midnight and we talked until about 1:30 and I fell back asleep but finally woke up this a.m. well slept and refreshed for the first time in days! My oldest took care of his brother running him between his friends and gf's house which was great, he made sure the house stayed quiet for me, cleaned up the dinner dishes and the family room too (I need to write that down it's a first in a long time).

It's been raining here for 10 days straight, but today? SUN!! I am so excited it's not even My guy is home tomorrow night, I can't wait to see him and a quiet evening is planned with a nice dinner and just us time!

I have one more day of craziness at work, then I have a weekend to recoup and regroup. Things are certainly changing there and it's not always been easy!

Off to the races....

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