Friday, May 08, 2009


It's the weekend, will be lowkey at home and enjoying time with at least one of the two boys. Seems the other has made other plans as he is evolving into manhood and has made other plans for Sunday...we'll see if he remembers that it's Mother's Day. Of course, he has always been a good son when it comes to occasions such as this.

S and I had another talk tonight, a good talk, so to say we are on a three year plan. 3 years being when my youngest graduates high school and will be intact with friends and such and then I can think more (well a little) about me...sounds selfish but it's a reality, I will always put my children first and to find someone who understands this is a very good thing. So I guess I will miss him alot during these three years but knowing there is an end in sight is more than anything else right now. I have had opportunities for more dates from here but seriously in the past month or so when I have taken them up on it, I always feel it's not right so that is telling me that S is right...I know three years sounds like alot of time, but the things we can do and the time we spend is more special and we truly will be taking it slow but in the long run I think this is a good thing!

So hopefully tomorrow it won't rain and I can cut my jungle of a lawn and get some flowers transplanted, other than that it appears it will be a low key weekend, which is not such a bad thing......

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