Friday, May 08, 2009

What is that in the sky????

Could it be a plane, rocket, alien spaceship? No, I believe I woke up today and when I looked outside I saw the SUN. Oh glorious sun I know you were up there, just not apparent to us. The news last night said we have had 9 straight days of rain. Talk about some soggy weather! I for one am glad to see the sun, I need it in my life....I know some are perfectly happy to have gray, rainy days but me, I need the warmth and glow the closest star to us emits!

It's Friday, for that too I am grateful, although today proves to be yet another rough day at work, we have two major meetings and I woke with a wee bit of a headache so I hope that it disappates prior to me having to be in there so I may think clearly. There is alot of changes going on at work, when I say alot, I mean ALOT, I think we are in jeopardy if not need to do our best right now, it's good changes but so much all at once is alot to remember and digest sometimes.

I am hoping for a drier weekend, I need to cut the grass. It's getting way to high, my backyard looks like a jungle and the water is lying so I know that will be a challenge. I want to plant some flowers and would love to pickup some baskets or something to spruce up the yard a bit!

S is coming soon, we talked about it last night. I am excited as always to see him...until then.....I am going to enjoy my weekend.

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