Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today was just as challenging as yesterday

I just hope the doom and gloom that is my life lifts soon. I really am not liking the person I have been the past few days. What has brought this on, probably quite a few things, like the ex in town and driving me nuts; work being absolutely ridiculous about some things and then when in meeting after meeting they can't understand why nothing is getting done; the weather (enough said on that one); my emotional well being with my son right (but that will change once the ex is gone); the weather (ok the lack of sun is really getting me down); my finances; ok the list goes on and on and of course I could write a novel 400+ pages on this but I am going to stop right now.

So I went and got some artificial sun tonight (tanning), I talked to S shortly (there is another story behind that one), I made a great dinner for me the boy and his gf, and I finished the laundry that was building up. I want to have a drink and there is none in the house, so that is a VERY good thing right now because I'm too lazy to go out for one!!

I need to find some things around the house to distract me, again I'm thinking I should move out of this pot known as my home because it sux all the extra money I save just to keep up with it, but not sure that would cure my financial situation. I want a vacation (ok I know I had quite a few this year already) and I need some change in my life, something to look forward to again...

So with that I'm off to figure out some things and ponder my life, or read a book and fall asleep which ever comes first! HA HA

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