Friday, May 29, 2009

I am finally starting my weekend....

to finally start my weekend. I was at a viewing and service for a good friends mom who passed away earlier this week. It was a wonderful tribute to her, a woman who loved life more than anyone else I knew. She will be missed.

Now, I am out, to start my weekend, at yes 10pm....with my date. A fellow I have been seeing for a little's purely hedoism between him and I now, ever since I first laid eyes on him. We have so much fun, laughing, joking and just having a great time together. I know what is going on...alot in my life. S and I well, there is alot to share, but I am not hanging out with him this weekend, nor any weekend probably soon. I have found some fun, he's a light in my day, a smile on my face and some lust in my heart. So with that I leave you, unknown to what is really going on, and yes I will explain soon! Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy and I will be back Sunday!

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Cmay said...

Hehe...being all mysterious!

I like it!