Monday, April 06, 2009

This weekend and next....

So this weekend was way productive. I did manage to get to the shore on was a beautiful day there regardless that it was windy. It seemed that the wind was blocked on the beach by the buildings so that in itself was an amazing thing!
I just don't think I could have had a better day there. Of course yesterday was even better and I took advantage to get alot of work done in my yard along with all the other chores I get done on the weekends!! Wash, grocery shopping, yard work, grass is cut, some beautiful (hearty) flowers are planted as we not out of the freeze danger just yet!! and I did manage to clean the house. I am traveling this coming up weekend, back to TX and my sweetie down there. I really miss him alot and he informed me tonight we are going to San Antonio for sure and visiting the riverwalk and Sea World...I am very excited!! What more could I possibly want for a great long weekend with him!! I just hope the weather holds out for all our fun!
So this week is really alot to do at work and home to get ready for the trip..sometimes at this point in my life I feel like I live someone elses life and it's surreal but I am definitely enjoying each piece of my life and what there is for me and all I offer to others. I have had some really scary recurring dreams though lately that I am fat again, that people are telling me, your fat no one wants you...I wake up all crazy thinking it's not really happening is it!! No, I know it is not but WOW that is something I never thought I would experience!
So tonight, we are off to watch a movie, ds2 and I...I want to get in as much time with them this week since I'm off this weekend!!

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