Monday, April 06, 2009


The boys have been requesting lately that I purchase yet another game system, the Wii. While I would love to have the Wii fit, I will secretly never tell them this. So my oldest approached me once again, via text message. I would love to have the Wii and get a Wii Fit, mom I know you would love to use it also. So I did some careful research on the net today, and while, yes I would love to have a Wii, I'm not ready to shell the out the cash investment for yet another game system in this house. Will I really love the Wii Fit as everyone raves, I do love to workout, do the yoga and get my body in whatever shape it feels is best! But seriously, we have quite a few game systems now! Probably everyone on the market! So I made my son a proposition, if I buy the Wii, he has the purchase at the same time and place the Wii fit, that way they will get their system and I get my Wii fit!! ingenous, probably not, but now he has to think about it! lol


Janine said...

I too am thinking about wii. I am wondering if for me during winter would the wii be a good exe4rcise will have to keep me posted.

GastricGirl said...

haha too funny!
I have the Wii and the Wii fit, and I must admit, I love it. You may be kicking him off of it so you can play. :)
There are also a few new games coming out that are fitness related.
Good luck, and stay strong! :-)