Saturday, April 04, 2009


I spent today at the shore, I drove down this a.m. after dropping off my son for his field trip to Philly. It was glorious but a bit windy. Temps probably 65 - 70 but geez the wind at some times was gusting up to 40 mph. I had a great day, I got a coffee and got some great pics (which I will post soon) on the beach walked up and down one time, then did some light shopping taking advantage of the 75% off from last years fashions...and got ds2 some caramel popcorn before my ride home. Upon returning home I offered to take gf and ds2 to the movies and we saw The Knowing. Not bad, not the greatest movie we've seen but not the worst either. It was nice to be out with the kids..

DS2 is dealing once again with some emotional issues. I wish I could help him through it, we sat and had a long talk tonight, but I know there is more to it than what he is sharing and it kills me. I hear the sadness in his voice but don't know how to help him. Lots of hugs and love is what I am currently giving, hopefully today was just a little bit of a down day for him, it worries me :(

I am back on track with my exercise big time, I'm so proud of myself and the inspirations out's nice to read about their accomplishments and I too want to be someone like that! I did get in the pool last night and did some laps, not as many as I used to do, but hey it's a start right!!

I'm glad spring is here and well tomorrow is supposed to be a better day weather wise than today!! yeah

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