Saturday, April 04, 2009

A whole week?

WOW I did not realize it's been a whole week since I've been here. Life has been busy, I sold my dead truck to a young boy who I would only assume is in fix it mode, it helped me out alot to get back some of the money I put into it and it was better than sending to the junkyard. I am getting ready for my next excursion to TX, I leave Friday morning, early!! We are traveling to San Antonio where I will get to also meet a cyber friend! and see the Alamo. I've heard that San Antonio is beautiful.

The weather here has been crazy, hot and sunny then chillier and rainy. We had a huge line of tstorms crawl through yesterday then pop out comes the sun, got to love spring!!

My youngest is attending a "Stop the Violence" conference in Philly today, they are going to a 76's game also and getting to meet some of the players so that is very cool for him, me I'm just going to hang out,though about going to the beach for the day and I may still, but it's very we'll see!!

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