Saturday, March 28, 2009

The weekends are the best time of the week...

S and I had dinner last night, I came home and need to get my butt moving here shortly. Today is ds2 last day of bowling so I am taking him up there. Then up to my mom's and S and I are driving up to NYC we decided we will brave the possibility of raindrops and do some siteseeing then dinner and back home.

I am enjoying my new car, while waiting for the youngest's gf to come over last night we found out they were in an accident, it was horrible and we waited an 1 1/2 for them to drop her off due to the police taking their time to get there. Anyhow, I was one sleepy girl and late of course for my dinner with S, so our night got cut off short :( I have my plans an am flying down there for a long Easter weekend and we are going to San Antonio, I love that I am getting to do some traveling and seeing places I have never before, it is really great.

I am back on track with exercise, 4 nights this week....and I am very pleased with this. My jeans are getting a little loose too, so I am refirming up my body. I can't believe I let it go over the winter. So that is definitely a check to myself keep up on the exercise even when you DO NOT feel like doing it. I am going to get my butt back at the YMCA also, I haven't been since my hernia surgery. I was almost wondering if the workouts I used to do contributed to the hernia? I guess I will never truly know, anyhow I want to get my body and mind back on track and I am doing it one day at a time...

Enjoy the weekend I will

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