Sunday, March 29, 2009

He's on his way home already

The only flight to get him back home early enough in the day left now. We had a great time in NYC, barely any rain so that was wonderful. I bet I walked a million miles. Ok, maybe not a million but quite alot. Wore my comfy shoes and it was wonderful. Today I'm taking the boy to Kohls and Plato's we are getting clothes. I love Plato's myself, it is a resell shop for higher end clothing for teens. Since I ripped one of my two pairs of jeans a few weeks back, I'm anxious to add to my one remaining pair!! lol

It's still cloudy and rainy here, but we were in such deficit of rain so far this year it is much needed. I am getting clothes done and want to check out the YMCA and see what the class schedule is like right now. I'm ready to get back into some formal exercise. I am meeting a friend for lunch who is passing through town on his way home today and just general things. I hope the sun comes out as promised and we do get up in the 60's later so I can walk!!!


Janine said...

So pleased you had a good weekend. How far is NYC from you? I have no idea about distances in the US, since youc an travel anywhere in NZ so easily wiht us being so small.

Michelle said...

I am about 2 1/2 hours from NYC, actually where I live I am close to travel to NYC, Baltimore, Washington DC so I find it to be very convenient. My state is the second smallest in the US but so close to everything I love it!