Friday, February 20, 2009


Ok, so day 3 home and I'm detoxing big time. The vacation, as you all have read or saw was a success, a wonderful time, but man I guess I drank big time!! It's amazing that my weight even stayed the same. One week ago right now, I was sitting on the deck, watching the sun go down, as I did every night. Getting ready for our late dinner and having a wonderful time wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt! Ok, reality, it's 20, wind chill some god awful 10 or something like that....ho hum, I'm home.

I have heard from my friend on board, the guy from TX, he was such a sweetie on the trip, it's so nice to meet someone who wasn't just out for a good time (if you know what I mean) anyhow he wants to come and visit me, here in DE...WOW is all I can say and I'm really excited about this, we had such a great time together and we'll get to do it up here soon. Tomorrow I have a date with my old neighbor, yes I think I have talked about him. Talk about living the life of a 20 We are going to see my favorite bassist in his new band tomorrow night and I am very EXCITED for this as I haven't been able to see him in a long time due to the people he was previously associated with!! So a big weekend for me. Somewhere in there I need to catch up on the wash, cleaning and at some point go grocery shopping too! lol I guess my priorities have shifted terribly in the last year.

Speaking of the last year, I had my horoscope read to me by a co-worker today, it basically stated that in the past year so many things have changed and all for the good, this year, 2009 will hold new and exciting things and well so far it has. So how suprised I was to read that!

So it's Friday night, back in the cold, but spring is right around the corner, back to the normal life but I am planning another adventure for this summer!! More to come in the future on that when the plans are firmed is a challenge but such a fun one for me right now!!

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