Saturday, February 28, 2009

Been MIA

The darn internet was down here, who the heck knows why but I'm back...of course I have the ick that everyone else has been dealing with so most of the day has been spent on the couch.....

I miss this::

and of course the great guy who I spent alot of my vacation with, but the good news, he's flying up to see me next weekend...yeah!!! Now back to my regularly scheduled program today, the couch!!


Donna said...

Ooooh, your visit sounds like fun! Enjoy.

As for my Jeep, I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty. For the most part it's been fine. What's failed on it really are things that start to fail when you have 129,000 miles on it... It's just this last visit to the deal they eff'd up. Gotta have the bad to appreciate the good though. Good luck with yours!

Susy said...

Oh my....look at his biceps!

:) hubba hubba Michelle!