Monday, February 02, 2009

10 days

The good lord is testing my ability to hold it together right about now, 10 days and another winter storm on our horizon. I had a dream last night that my flight was cancelled leaving to go because of ice!! GAH....If I don't have a nervous breakdown before I get there well then there will be alot of celebrating once I am there!! lol

I am ready to go, I had my date Saturday night, it was wonderful. How is it I always manage to meet a man, someone whom I want to spend time with when I'm on my way out the door or busy doing something else with my life. That is where we are. He is wonderful. Plain and simple. I laughed so much and had the best time it's scary. Really. I've probably said that before, I could probably go back in this blog, in the archives and find this exact statement about a few men I dated last year, but truly no one compares. This is not a rebellion of divorce, the other man, the one I thought would be right, or the hot one. This is a guy, someone whom I already knew. Someone who I reconnnected with accidently but on purpose I think. Someone who I enjoy spending hours with and when he leaves I can't wait to see him again. Someone who brought me flowers on our second date and they happen to be my favorite flower. Someone who listens to me, helps me and wants to be with me. Someone who I care about. Sure it's weird, he was my old neighbor but that was a lifetime ago to me. The trouble that was my marriage was already established. We had both made sure we kept our distance, although neither of us knew the other was doing that, we were attracted but I was married and he wasn't. There was the vow I made the reality that I was married and I wasn't cheating. I still can't believe neither of us picked up on the fact that we were BOTH attracted to one another it was not a one sided thing. strange..

Anyhow, that is not what this is about...this is about me, right now. I have "dieted" although I hate that word very well the last week, turned all those bad carbs I had been consuming into a thing of my past. I have lost a few pounds, toned up, doing my yoga, feel the I am grounded, although frantic about having us both ready to leave next Wednesday morning early in the morning....I am crazy with the realization that I am sailing soon and it can't be soon enough!!

Oh and the kicker I speak at the WLS support group the night before, like I am going to have time to fit that in?? Well it will all work out, I will stop stressing and just go with it, that is what it's all about right...going with the flow called life????

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Janene said...

I'm not surprised you're having dreams about flights being cancelled etc with the terrible weather that you're having! I probably would be too.

How wonderful that you've found you old neighbour again and you have such a great connection. Typical that it happens when you are about to go away! Could be a good thing, time apart to think and miss each other hehe

PS thanks for your comment about my current issue re men! I'm not in a hurry to do anything as yet, but will just see what happens I guess :)