Friday, January 23, 2009

Day three and another

Success...I have been able to hold it together. Today was far easier than the last two that is for sure. I have eaten properly, exercised but now I am getting ready to go out with my girlfriend and wow we will be having a few I will try to keep it

I am very excited about my trip as the comment said! I haven't been on a cruise in forever, coupled with the sub-zero weather we have been having, it will be the perfect break for me. And a small chance to warm up for a short while!

Tonight after cocktails we are raiding my gf's closet, she has the best clothes in the world and I'm shopping there for free. Speaking of clothes my bathing suits came in and I love them both, so I've decided I'm keeping them both! Big score for me, they both flatter in their own special way! So 5 days two suits, big smile on face....priceless.

I am starting to organize my stuff too, I'm am the anal organizational queen. Since both me and the boy will be away at the same time I need to get moving. I drop him off at school the morning at 6am and my flight out is 9:30...nothing short of calling it close...

I am off, to change and out the door i go

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