Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hump Day

The funeral was beautiful, one of the old friends of all my grandparents, their sisters, brothers and other friends sang..She is 94 and still sings like a bird it was beautiful. We stopped by my grandparents grave after the graveside service, it was nice to see them again! Then off for light refreshments. So we get into the CC and there was stuffed shells, roasted turkey, roast beef, rice, where are the light refreshments. No wonder the US of A is obese, we call a full blown dinner menu light refreshments!! HA....I saw more cousins that were unable to come up for my grandmother's funeral, they didn't know me either!

Work was a day of catchup yesterday....amazingly it went smooth and easy! I'm glad because I was still tired and not really up for the challenges sometimes the job can bring!

Last night I was talking with my guy (he really needs a name, but anyhow) he has informed me now I am meeting his family sat night at a dinner. Ok, shock and well now I know, we are definitely moving on to the next step here. It's been 2 1/2 months, I've been on the fence but will not baby him like past gf's and whatnot, so I guess the tough love is keeping him around, or maybe it's just me :) LOL Now I'm nervous and of course I was going to spend Friday night and Sat preparing for christmas with shopping! OY when will I get done, well I have Friday night still and Sat up until around 1pm....good lord I hope I get enough done Friday night!

The ex is home, been home almost a week now, he leaves Sat I believe is what I am told....I could care less, there is virtually no communication with him at all...which is good, he is learning I'm over it, he needed toget over it too!

So now I must get ready....the rain is here, thank god because I was thinking it would be icy this a.m. but it's not yeah!!!

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Janine said...

Wow- That certainly doesn't count as light refreshments in New Zealand!!! More likely to get a sammie and a sausage roll here.

Good luck for Saturday night, just be yourself, I am sure it will go brilliantly.