Monday, December 15, 2008

Funeral day

I've had two funerals this year. Both from my mom's side of the family. Not the way I want to spend my Monday, but alas it's here. I love the aspect of getting to see family whom I don't normally get to see regularly but do not love the whole funeral thing. I like to remember someone when they were living, a happy moment or cherished memory with them. A former co-worker who has cancer (it's riddled through her body) son called us at work last week, hospice has been called in...the verdict, less than two weeks. Well two weeks would be christmas day. This particularly wonderful woman is a tough lady, a real fighter who has been fighting, bone, breast and lung cancer and now it's in her brain! Sometimes I don't understand the reasons behind why some get and some don't.

Yesterday was a full and fabulous day. My oldest son spent the whole day with us, he took us to see The Day the Earth Stood Still, alot better than the trailers and I really enjoyed the movie! Then out to lunch and a little shopping at the mall. I bought him black dress pants, black shirt and red tie, he is taking his gf out to dinner for Christmas. I think he is a very special person, very sweet and considerate and a true romantic...she is one lucky girl. He bought her a beautiful bracelet and necklace yesterday too, silver with tiny heart pendant and also the heart pendant on the bracelet too. It's beautiful, she will love it!

Last night I met up with some friends to enjoy some football, end of a great Ravens/Pittsburgh game and the beginning of the Giants/Dallas game. Tonight is Eagles....lots of great things going on in life!!

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Amber said...

Sorry about the funeral. I am glad to hear you had a good weekend though and life is going well. :) You look great!