Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas is here....

at my home...I'm fully decorated inside and somewhat outside. It snowed yesterday so that put a small change of plans on the outside, but I'm going to fight the wind and cold later today and get it done! I feel good and it's pretty...later I will take pics! I love christmas and am truly getting in the spirit of it this year. I think I did the whole christmas for my children last year but wasn't into it as much as previous and current year!

So did I say it's was cold...brrr this a.m. 14 chilly degrees. I had to dig out the heavy duty pj's. These are the mornings when I miss a warm body in bed to cozy up with!! Someday when it's right it will be back in my life!

Weight loss, I am doing great. Back to exercising, yoga mainly and I'm losing those inches and have dropped about 5 lbs in the last month. I went to my two year checkup the only big problem is the blood pressure is back up. Even with the exercise and weight loss so I had to go back on my meds for that. It is very severe in my family so I actually expected to once things leveled out for me. I've lost and kept off 126 lb since I had my surgery 11/20/06. I felt very accomplished and feel and look great! I need some new pics of me too! I still have a hard time believing that I used to be a 22-24 and now am a size 6 on most good days! lol it's the best feeling in the world. And the reward is that I have learned to use the tool and apply it in my everyday life now. I can fluctuate up and down within a reasonable rate and I'm not a scale whore like when I first had the surgery. I can tell by clothes and immediately correct or modify something to keep myself in check. I was reading back about my earlier experiences and sometimes even that is a distant memory although it was only two years earlier. It's really a medical miracle for me!

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister, scouting out some possibilities of gifts and other things. Picked up a few necessities and tried on tons of fabulous clothes. We have this little shop near us called Tiger Lily, it's owned by a former Miss Delaware, it's ecletic and girly and fun and they have the most amazing things in there from bags to shoes to accessories and clothes! I would love to have a PT job there and be surrounded everyday by the goodies!

Today is a tournament and football, I'm cleaning and almost done the wash and we are just going to relax later! Thinking about some gingerbread......and I do need get to grocery store at some point! Enjoying the rest of the weekend, back later with some pics!

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Cmay said...

We just decorated a few days ago, and though I had to set it out (still a bit sick)...I still enjoyed it. Would love to see your decoration pictures! And snow! We don't have any snow yet.