Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 was a year for...........

rediscovery and growth for me.

As I have decided and decided how I wanted this year end review go, looking back over this year the one thing that stuck out to me was I dated ALOT!! OMG....I have grown tremendously through all this dating too, put myself out there as I have never done before and have learned it is ok for two people to hit it off and that is about it!! lol

January - I was still seeing M, but the end was looming already from what I could see. After the excitement of the holidays passed we settled into an unsettled relationship, although we both stuck it out until May, when I finally broke it off, it was alot of emotions and not all happy for either of us.

February - Valentines Day, one of my least favorite holidays next to NYE!! What can I say, it wasn't what I thought it would turn out to be.

March - Yes a cold and memorable month. The oldest got himself into a heap of trouble and well shall we say he had a big lesson learned.

April - The beginning of Spring and the beginning of me realizing truthfully I was a much better person inside and out than I had given myself credit for. I was moving forward in my life, ready to really try some new things...

May - My birthday, turned into a day about him, ugh!! That was about it...3 days later it was over forever. The end of the month brought the unofficial start to a whirlwind summer for me but first my oldest DS graduated from high school, 15th in his class, talk about a proud mama!!

June- I met a new guy, K.....it was lust oh sorry, infactuation at first sight!! WOW I really liked him....or so I thought!

July - I breezed through life, seeing K off and on hanging out with my girls and learning that the people who I thought were my good friends really weren't.

August - Brought in the heat and humidity and a realignment of my life. K and I were done forever, I lost two very old friends, not as good as I thought they were but long time friends. I had quite a few doors shut in my life this month and I learned alot from these situations.

September - The beginning of school and the busy season for me at work. The end of the month landed me in the emergency room with a hernia....UGH!!

October - Came on with surgery right away and out of work for a few weeks. I enjoyed the late summer/early Autumn weather with my time off....and was alone for the first time this year...ooopss I spoke too soon, I met W this month, we hit it off tremendously....the infactuation was unbelievable but could the relationship last the 90 miles one way driving distance that was between us.....

November - Back to the holiday season in full swing.....Turkey day spent at my dad's and W showing me that holidays are not that important to him, of course at the time I thought it was because we both had to work that Friday.

December - Back in crunch time, the mdse was slow rolling in, Christmas presents were not purchased, wrapping not done and we all got sick!! UGH....we managed to purchase, wrap and enjoy a very Merry Christmas but there was no W in my life, from the 21st to this very day, the 30th I have not seen him in person, I have spoken with him via text a few times and not even a phone call....WOW is all I can say.

So as I close another year in my life, I have found that I have grown immensely...I am closing not only a year, but my first full year of maintaining an unbelievable weight loss, I am closing the door on old people in my life, I am closing the door on yet another relationship that bombed. I am also opening as many doors as I am closing with quality people.....I am still a healthy person, I am generally happy and upbeat and well I am having fun......

So with that Happy New Year to all fellow bloggers.....my life in 2008 was a whirlwind of a ride and I expect 2009 to be the same but hoping to settle down a little in my life!! CHEERS!!!


Janine said...

Wow, you have had quite a year. I only came onboard around september and it has been a pleasure getting to know you. Wishing you all the very best for 2009.


Cmay said...

Sounds like one heck of an exciting year! Hope 2009 is just as good. Cheers to the New Year!

Susy said...

See there... there was something to talk about. For everytime you share, I learn...We all have something to share. Thanks

Take care of you Michelle and keep blogging!