Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rainy weekends

Another noreaster is headed our way, we will either have a washout or nothing much at all, who knows as mother nature has her way of playing us like that.

Plans are being made for Sat. The kids are all taken care of and I am free. Now just to find out what is going on....there is an Indian festival, sounds corny but I love authentic Indian food, curries and all that..YUM!! So maybe venture over there and check it out, maybe not. A scrabble match is in the making, yes I love scrabble, the english major in me is wanting a good matchup, maybe this will be it! lol

Hints of the past year are out there, it's been a wild ride I've been re-reading some journaling and OMG what a whirlwind it's been, crazy, fun, sad, horrible, anxiety and well it's my life, as nutty as is it. I wanted to put together a synopsis but I am not sure I have it in me to sum it all up. There is alot...oy!

I'm thinking of a new blog, yes we've all thought of this now and again, this one had great intentions at the beginning, WLS blog, the ups and downs the ins and outs and now that we are getting further and further out with no major complications it just seems stale, not always alot to write about with the WLS processes anymore...I will have to think about this more too

I am feeling the winds of change under my feet, not sure where this will lead me, but you can follow if you chose.....

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