Thursday, September 04, 2008

Life as I know it....

just isn't right these days...not sure exactly what is wrong but it is. I just can't shake this feeling of impending doom in my life right now. Tonight is a night off of exercise. I can really feel the gret workout I had last night. I have muscles that are sore that I didnt' know

So tomorrow night I will go back to the gym, do that great new machine and do lower body workout on my exercise equipment. I'm really excited as it will probably be the biggest excitement of my life this weekend! I am really expecting the worse from a phone call tonight, or maybe the lack of a phone call will tell the story. I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst, it's why I keep getting let down by people in my life. I expect too much I guess.

So I'm blogging, ate semi good today, I am really trying to stay out of the kitchen tonight and then I will have a good day. I really just have the no care attitude but am trying really really trying to make the right choices in life. I have been good so far, with a few munches here and there but nothing major and I want to curb that before it starts.

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