Monday, September 01, 2008

Finally it's over

tomorrow we go back to work. I just hope I never, ever spend another long weekend as miserable as I was this weekend. I did learn alot about a few special people in my life. One being K. I'm very sad at the realization that I'm just not a priority in his life at all, but with all things life happens. So I've let him go, I'm sad, angry and well just plain old disappointed again with the men in my life again. I guess I have alot of issues still to deal with, I am going to try and get a therapy appointment tomorrow night since today is myusual day. I wish there were an easier way to work through this, but alas life is complicated and so is dealing with it.

Today we went swimming, I did 20 laps which totally impressed me, also met a few nice people at the pool. It was our first day there as we just joined today. I'm glad they are putting a bubble over the pool so we will have wintertime swimming! yeah!

So now back to our regularly programmed life!!


Allan said...

Not all the men are mean.. Still here for you if needed...

Michelle said...

Thanks Allan!