Sunday, August 31, 2008

At this point I just wish it would end....

this long weekend. Did not turn out as I hoped it would, but again it gave me alot of insight into people in my life and the importance I play in theirs. I've been very down, sad if you will...this too shall pass

I was hoping for more, but ended up getting less. Tomorrow the boys and I are going to the pool. We are going to all just hang out which will be nice. I did manage to clean, I mean really clean my house smells good. Laundry almost done, we are heading out for sandwiches and then they will both leave me for the evening. So another evening alone. I would think I would start getting used to them, but I'm not. I really don't have alot of great plans nor people to hang out with right I just sit here in self loathing. Good I sound so damn remorse. But I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not.

Tomorrow is a new day

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