Monday, July 14, 2008

Someone I'm trying to forget

So I met the bartender guy a bit back, we hit it off and then he totally bailed on me a few weeks back. I had all but forgotten him....until Sat. He told me when he left that he was going to change, to call, and he did today. Not once but twice, we even made plans. But I'm not going to hold my breath. Last time I made plans he totally bailed on me, but I'm all for giving someone another chance, I think that since he didn't do something totally horrible why not. I think in general people are good, they have good intentions and sometimes don't know how to make them work. So we are going to do this again, what am I feeling? Well I've been mulling it all day, I'm confused, I'm scared I will get my feelings hurt again and I'm excited. Good god I keep thinking what am I doing? I do like him, and I know he likes me but does he know how to have any type of relationship? I guess at this point time will tell....

On a bright note, I exercised again, the full workout and I feel damn good...why can't I just get the routine going again?

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