Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well two was all there was....

because he got called into work. He was on call this weekend and I knew this going in so it is what it was.

My gf came down and spent the night instead. She is in a very bad marriage and to be honest it probably did her a world of good. We went out for a bit last night and I ran into my bartender friend. I have done good to avoid him since he finds little or usually no time for me. Of course being the big sucker that I am around him I caved and talked to him, but he knew I was mad at him and made that very clear. Of course I did talk to him more and now I'm confused again. My problem is I really like him, but he has NO time for me. Sometimes I hate myself for picking all the wrong guys. Maybe someday I'll learn from my mistakes. Until then, I keep making them.

Today was fun, the bbq was a good time had by all, it's hot and humid and now the tstorms are rolling in. My oldest son left for his dads for two days again, so I'm alone! I enjoy this, but with all the tumultuous feelings I'm having I wish he were at home.

I'm going to watch a movie and chill.....till later

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