Thursday, June 05, 2008

tired again

I feel like I could sleep away the whole weekend again!

Doc visit went well, I'm maintaining which is great. We spoke in depth about my exercise and eating habits now, which the doc said would impact how I will do for the next six months before I go back. He said that the eating and exercise is the most important part of maintenance which i have to totally agree with him on. He also invited me to submit a before and after picture for their new exciting is that.

We put in the a/c's and not a minute too soon, we are headed for a heatwave. 90+ degrees for the next week!! yuck. On the worse note, the humidity is still really weighing heavily on my chest, another reason why I feel I could sleep the week away. Did I exercise tonight? Nope, too sleepy, I opted for a mini nap which was rudely interrupted.

The man and I have alot of talking to do, I requested that he leave his pup at home this weekend, he should be down Sat sometime. I think it's do or die time, because frankly I'm tired of the turmoil. Another cold day for us today :(

On a bright note, I feel good....that's my bright note for is good!

But I don't feel so good.

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Susy said...

Glad to see your blogs Michelle. Hope you get some rest with your weekend. Anytime you want to send some of that heat to Oregon it would be ok with me. They said yesterday we have had 10 whole days without rain in 2008. I'm going crazy. Take care of you Michelle!