Sunday, June 29, 2008

The most incredible seafood!

If you ever get a chance to come to the Wilmington waterfront, a place to eat is Harry's Seafood. They have the best seafood there that you would ever eat. Everytime I go there the food is fresh, the menu is different and they plan it all on what is the freshest available at the market that morning. Today, I had a lunch of lobster and boston bibb lettuce with tomato and avacado. It was incredible, then I shared a strawberry shortcake with chantilly cream with my little sister, the bride to be! It was heaven on earth. Of course I have 1/2 of my salad left over for dinner tonight or tomorrow.

I have a lunch date tomorrow, nice guy I met out and I'm having drinks with another fellow tonight. I will say it's daunting the amount of guys who come out of the woodwork when you are not the "fat" girl anymore. I'm enjoying it, as I am a huge people person, but clearly most only are looking for one thing and when that comes up, CHECK PLEASE!

I still like the guy K, but I don't think he wants or knows how to have a relationship, I don't want to be just the girl that hangs out with you when you work at the bar! Seriously I love the drinks and all the attention, but there is way more to life than that! So, I'm not really sure what he wants, I don't even think he knows what he wants. It seems to me that he has filled his time with things he does, work, biking, triathalons, his son, but it does not seem there is room at all for a girl. So, I'm going to let him ride it out, I do think he is a really great person, seriously, but life is too short for that.

I haven't exercised in days, my body is so telling me this right at this very moment. Will I do any tonight, my plan is yes, but in my heart I doubt it will happen. I need to get back in my routine, but with everything that happened last week and now this week in preparation for the big day on Saturday, who knows.

On the weight front, I am maintaining, which is a very good thing! I was worried I would have dropped too much with the lack of eating properly and well too much drinking this weekend! Had a great weekend with my friends, old and new ones I met yesterday at their pool party. We had a great time, I have some new pics to post as soon as I get them uploaded!

So I'm off for my drinks and some hopefully nice conversation. I have alot of work this week and well its going to be another short one for me. The picnic is Friday, the wedding Sat and I still have yet to buy a dress. If anyone has a beautiful size 6 dress for a summer wedding, please send it to me!! LOL

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marc said...

I know what you mean about not being the "fat" girl (well, guy).

I thought I suddenly became popular over the course of one summer for no good reason until I tried I went for my annual physical exam and found that I'd lost 20lbs.

Anyway, mind if I link to your blog? I'm trying to get really.. Spartan, and reading all these weight loss blogs keeps me motivated :)