Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's been a while

I love that

But man I miss you guys. Things have been crazy, work is good we are gaining alot of great lines but it is keeping me way too busy to get in here and blog. Life at home is busy too, my oldest son was in an accident Monday (this past) and wrecked my car, the same night as I was up in NYC picking up my sis and her husband from the airport in from Greece. I am up early everyday and to bed late, I'm beyond exhausted and well to be honest haven't been eating well, not exercising ENOUGH and well the sad truth is I put on weight!! Now before we all get well you are too busy and blah, blah, blah let's remember why we did this, so we could learn a new, healthy way of life and what do I do in times of crunch, revert back hard to the old ways!! tonight I sat myself down and had a long talk with me, about carbs and candy and snacks and putting things to eat in my mouth mindlessly, eating too much or too many of the wrong things, not getting in here and blogging to keep me going. So I'm on the 5 day pouch test, let's see how much damage I've been inflicting on myself. Tomorrow starts day 1.

On a brighter note me and my guy are getting along great, I can't wait to see him tomorrow, all dapper and handsome in his suit coming home from work. I just can't wait until we get more time together, not that what we have isn't nice but the quality every evening time is what i miss, snuggling up to a warm body at night and knowing when they put their arm around you they mean it, and you feel all warm and fuzzy and protected. That's how he makes me feel :)

So I have been keeping up on yoga, it's my saving grace from going crazy, but other than that zilch, zip, nada....oh vey...things have to change.

My ex MIL also graced me with 5 great high quality business suits too, they are chic and pretty and well I look fab in them, 3 are a bit snug in the belly, so carbs as much as I love you all, goodbye!!!

Other than that, ds2 is almost done bowling and well I can't wait to start manicure and pedicure season, in fact I'm treating myself to a pre-spring pedi tomorrow night, just because....well just because I need to spoil myself on something nice, oh and I did go shopping last weekend, lots of great sales and end of season clearances, I scored big and well I shall be styling again in no time, now I have to make a hair appointment and then I'll be perfect...

I miss you all, I'm glad for the messages and I know I'm back with a vengeance....spring and summer are right around the corner...

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Susy said...

missed you too michelle! glad to read all is well and your warm and fuzzy. also glad you have some one warm to snuggle with. :) keep up the good work!