Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines - Post op

I never really thought about the amount of candy I would consume on Valentines Day until today, or should I say this year. I would buy my children all my favorite candy when they were little, so I could sneak a taste or two, or five or six or whatever ungodly amount I would consume. I never really realized that I never bought the candy for them at Valentines or Easter or any other holiday for that matter, but I would pick out all my favorites, instilling in them that they were also their favorites...yeah right...well anyhow, this year, there is no candy. Boy2 wants an ipod case and something else, boy1 wants gas money. How times have changed and I had decided to just ask them, I love my boys more than life itself and if buying them one thing they would "love" to have then I feel like an accomplished mother.

Happy Valentines to all my friends out there!

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Susy said...

the old candy story... LOL I used to pick out my favorites too for my son. :)