Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rain, sleet, snow and ice......oh my

Driving home tonight was more fun than.....well NOT...it took me over one hour to do a 15 minute ride, along the way I encountered roads being closed due to severe icing right before my eyes, in fact the last stretch of roadway I encounter to my development was being closed as I was trying to pass through and I had to show the cop my license and prove I wasn't just trying to get over on them. I'm glad I'm home, more than I can say for my guy who is shacking up hopefully right now in Philly for the night since 95 south is closed and all the bridges leading out of Philly are closed due to the severe icing. The relief comes as rain around midnight and lots of it, so by the time I'm ready to leave tomorrow, I'm going to be smooth sailing in.

Still doing yoga, it's quite a challenging series and since I've started with their program, about 3 weeks now, I haven't had one repeat program, pretty sweet. They really emphasize core spots and work them really good. As for belly dancing, well I'm so sore from it, that I didn't participate today :( The poor body just needed a rest I guess.

Weight is the same, which is good. I am noticing some toning going on which is better :)

All in all, life is beautiful

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