Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let the research begin

So I did alot of research today online and through others close by who have had wls and reconstructive surgeries also and wow there is alot of information out there. The best thing I found was a website that is going to enable me to finance a portion of this reconstruction since usually and typically the insurance won't pay for a cosmetic surgery. So I've enrolled with them and am waiting till Friday to see how much they are going to finance. The best part is the doctor who is close by and has come to support group meetings to talk to us about ps' in the past is the doctor that I will see because he works in conjunction with this particular finance company. I am very, very jazzed by that whole thing because 1) I've met this doctor, albeit informal but have spoken with him one on one before and 2) he comes highly recommended not only by my weight loss surgeon but also my primary care doctor. Score one big 10 for me today on that one.

So now I wait and once I hear what I need to come up with, maybe as little as $100, then they will make my consult appointment and the ball will be rolling. I'm very excited.

On a different note, last night I was reviewing some pics for sister in Greece from her visit last summer, I'm only 20 lb less now, but wow what a difference I saw in my body from the yoga, weight and workouts...the difference was amazing and even I could see it. Makes a lot of sense and some positive reinforcement to keep working out even when I dont' want to....which I will be doing shortly after I get off here.

Oh and here's the best for last, I found a ok click over and check it out. It's where girls go and solicit help from guys to get their implants paid for....prostitution 101 is what I made that out to be, they are selling pics of themselves to guys who will pay them $$ to put in an account to get a breast implants. All they deal with is breast implants. I guess if you are one who has no care what you do for money then I say go for it, me I guess I'm just too old and well I have another plan in mind for myself...

It's snowing again today and of course Friday is a date night with my man, he's supposed to take me out on the town in Philadelphia and what is the weather calling for ICE!! can you frikkin believe it....I hope mother nature changes her tune between now and then....

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