Monday, January 07, 2008

Relationships and such

Weekend was good, although I'm still on the mend from this cold. It really has taken alot more out of me than I originally thought. My new guy (he needs a name) and I had a really hard weekend, a true test of friendship and the budding relationship that is going on, I was a weepy miserable mess (blame it on the meds, because it was them) I woke up Friday, Sat and Sunday with a nasty, horrible headache. I know the one med is causing them, but unfortunately I need to finish them as they are helping me get well, so a crossroads has been met.

Today I'm back in the gym at lunch, I have to and need body is craving the exercise that has been lacking in my life and my attitude well, it needs it too!! So at lunch, the elliptical and I have a date, my old friend will be dusted off and I will be back in there running for my life!! literally!

Had a good weekend with one of my children, we saw a movie Sat night and hung out. Yesterday I was not myself with a migraine all day so he called his father and went over there for the day.

I did get my yoga in both days this weekend, so progress....also all the crap that has been festering in the house is gone!! I have to be more diligent with my eating, I've worked very hard to get where I am now and no one, especially ME will bring me back to my old ways.

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Susy said...

Amen Michelle! Still a lot of battles and struggles to workout in our heads, huh. Blogger friends like you help to get through the day. It always helps knowing your not alone with this battle. I slept in this morning and now i feel guilty for not going to the pool. I will go tomorrow to my water exersise class. Hold me to it my friend! :) Have a good Monday and feel better girl. Susy