Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday finally

And I'm starting to feel a little more human. I'm sure after this weekend and few more doses of meds I'll be back on top of things. The one med though knocked me for a loop last night, out like a light early and it was scary, of course then I didn't want to wake up this a.m. either so out the window my yoga went. If I'm feeling up for it later I'm going to try and work it in after work.

Today is my asst's last day, let's just say it was my decision to terminate this person and once again I'm back at the drawing board looking for good, qualified help. It's not the best position I will have to admit, but it's a stepping stone to bigger and better things if the right person just applied themselves. Anyhow, at least we are slowing down dramatically for the next month or so, so I shouldn't have a problem this time and can be more meticulous to pick the right person.

Also, the bad news from the doc's yesterday that I forgot to write about is that they put me back on one blood pressure med. I was not happy about that, in fact that means in a short six month period I've weaned myself off of them completely and now I'm back on a basic dose of HCTZ....I'm still not happy about it, but the HBP runs rampid in my family, so a guess the family history is taking over my desire not to be on the meds....we'll see if I can kick up the exercise a notch and maybe, just maybe I can get off the meds again.

Weight was good at the doc's, I've managed to maintain my weight now for 4 weeks since my last doc visit, which I was overjoyed with. Of course I know there was more than one time in the past 4 weeks that a less than desirable morsel passed these lips, and I did mentally beat myself up about many of those bites, but that is exactly what they were bites here and there and not gorging myself to gluttony with cookies, cakes and all the other sweet treats that were brought in for the holiday season. Of course everyone is cleaning out their pantries now, but with this horrible cold I'm in no mood to eat, thank god!! Back on track and making me priority one again is my goal by next Friday.

Citrus fruits, I want to talk a little about this also, as a reformed GERD patient, early out from surgery I had tremendous problems eating any citrus, but have found my love of navel oranges and they pretty bag at the store last week calling my name, so I indulged and am happy to report that for two days in a row I have had no reflux systems from eating one orange. Of course I hold my breath with each bite I take but overall it's has been a dream come true!! I'm glad because sometimes the selection in our local grocery is less than desirable at this time of year.

Life is about relaxing and balancing life with my new man and my children this weekend, the youngest wants to see One Missed Call at the movies and the oldest I'm sure will be out with his gf all weekend. Of course the new man is working tomorrow 4:30 - midnight djing so I will get some quality time in tonight with him. Life is full of promise and with each new day I am feeling more and more better about the decisions I have made for me and my children.

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