Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday quickie

I almost forgot to come in here and post today.

Today is good. This week has been good.

Just a few blurbs about the weekend.....

- The guy leaves Sunday, 10am
- The oldest is getting grounded with no car privledges for a week to start
- The youngest has been great (now that's a switch)
- The STBXH has been ok also this week (I may regret just typing that)
- I am excited it's Friday and almost time to go home
- I've maintained my weight for 2 weeks now, that's very impressive for me.
- I've exercised all that I have intended on this week
- I've eaten well, back to well balanced meals and no extra munching and crunching
- The sun is finally out again
- The weather has been warm all week, that's always a plus, but I'm sure it's going to change and really soon
- I have a weekend alone with my man, that is until he leaves

and with that I leave you all


1 comment:

Melanie said...

Ooh, grounded and no car privileges. You know he's hating that right now. Hope you enjoyed your time with your man.