Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Finally feeling a little human again

This cold is really kicking me, but I am fighting back, exercise, good healthy eating and lots of water and sleep. I feel like I'm finally winning the battle but not the war yet.

This morning was yoga, I ran yesterday, 30 min felt great....I feel re-energized. Let no one tell you that exercise isn't something you miss once you get a good routine going, my body was craving it and let me know...I felt much, much better after just a few sessions this week.

Weight has been steady, which is good. Carbs are virtually gone, expect essential ones at this point, I have no more stomach problems and you think that alone would be enough to just get me to stop eating them nasty things. Um and learn.

DS2 is finally back at school again, he and I have been sharing this cold and it's knocked him on his butt for a few days, the oldest one hasn't been sick yet (knock on wood).

Just a few things going on here. Plus the weather is warm, sunny and a little windy (change is coming) but for today I will take it and I am a happy girl!!

Tonight I get to see my guy, what else could a girl ask for! :)

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Incredible Me said...

Glad to see you are finally feeling a bit better and that you've got your carbs reined in again.

Enjoy your time with the guy.