Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big brother has shut me down

I usually blog from work, well now that we have uploaded into our new companies web they have blogger blocked!! Ha....hence I haven't been around. I will get on a new schedule....

Things are good, had a great weekend with the man, he was home for two days although he worked Sat night, Sunday was brief and we sent him packing to Miami and 80 degrees while we froze what is left of us off here. It's still cold and damp and well just plain miserable. I always forget why I hate winter so, well there's no forgetting it this week.

Work has installed direct tv in our exercise room, two things will now happen, people will invade the room to watch tv when I work out and well I will try some new things, I found fit tv on there and I like the Shimmy program (learning belly dancing) sounds like lots of fun to me, and there is a yoga show on beforehand. I may just change out my workouts for this...today I simply ran and checked out the programming.

Weight is holding, although I had a few times over the weekend where I was feeling not quite right and not really sure what could have caused that. I have been eating regularly, taking all my vitamins and drinking lots of water so I don't know...if it continues throughout this week a call to the doc will be warranted.

The man comes home Friday, i can't wait to see him, we have a romantic, quiet alone weekend planned (well I do..lol)

My last eye doctor has prescribed contacts that don't work for me, I can't see out of the darned things at a distance. Doesn't bode to well for trying to watch tv and such, hence new doctor, new insurance and appt this Sat. It's the only time I have to get up and leave the house if you know what I mean...lol

So I'm off to finish the laundry, I still have some cleaning I need to get done this week, and well with this miserable cold weather I feel like doing NOTHING!!!

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