Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Belly dancing is harder than it seems

We did our first class of belly dancing today, WOW is all I have to say. I have to give those girls who do it and make it look so easy because it's not. It's takes alot, of control and what have you....I did enjoy it, immensely and am looking forward to class #2 tomorrow. I'm going to practice my three moves.....I have to get them down as we only go up from here.

Also, tried out some new yoga today, nice I feel stretched....which is the goal I am out to achieve when I am doing yoga. I ate well, exercised 2x and well overall it's been a good day.

Two days till my man comes home and I'm missing him dearly. I've got quite a surprise cooked up for us.....two days of

Work is busy, thank goodness. Some of the new changes are starting and so far I'm liking them. Fortunately for us and our buyout we can only go up from here.

Life is good, I am good.....and well that's about it.


Candy-O said...

Congrats on finding Belly Dance! I'm back myself after a 9 year hiatus. (I danced with a troupe here in Vancouver for about 15 years). I didn't forget as much as I thought I had, but boy are my thighs feeling it!

Have fun!!

Susy said...

Have a great weekend with your man Michelle. Take care and keep dancing! :)