Friday, January 25, 2008

T-minus 2 hours

and I pick him up at the airport!! I'm giddy with excitement, like a girl going on a first date again....whew....

I got him a little something, hoping he likes, knowing he will...because that's the kind of guy he is. It's cold here, bitter with wind...a nice getaway would be nice, somewhere warm and tropical comes to mind, but it's not happening any time soon :(

No belly dancing today :( I have to say this am I woke up thighs burning..hips hurting. I guess I'm doing it right because the burn is where it should be. I love it and practiced last
Can't wait for my class on Monday!!

Yoga is kicking my butt too, I kicked it up a notch to a harder class, really working too...I love the feeling but owie!!! Muscles I haven't used, or not used much are really screaming at me right now...lots of new things going on. But that is what this whole journey is for me, trying out new and exciting things. Things I would never as a "fat girl" ever, ever tried and I'm loving it, the freedom to say I want to do that and just doing it. Before I would analyze it, would I be able to do it, would I be able to breathe, how would I feel one day, two days later and usually the answers would just drive me right back to the couch and some sort of comfort food. Not the new me, she wants to do, experience and enjoy what is out there for life to give.

My gf did belly dancing for a while, outfit and all, she says we are the same size so when I get better I can don the outfit and give a little

Weekend is low key, me and the man, no kids. No worries, no plans and all happiness.

Hope your weekends are as fun as mine is going to be :)

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