Thursday, December 06, 2007

The next day

Yes it has come to a grinding halt the munching....thank god. Today I got up pulled out my cutest jumper and turtleneck, black hose and high heels, I am going to look smart and adorable and go to work and stop all the munching. Mission accomplished. I feel good and look good and that is enough to stop this mindless eating. Tonight my honey is coming down to watch the game with me. DS2 is going over his father's for the night and gf and son are going over to another gf's to hang for the night...sweet bliss me and my honey and some quiet, alone time!

Scale is down today, no sign of AF yet!! she is exasperating at times, and well I'm on a roll. This weekend is NYC on Sat and relaxing on Sunday. I'm sure we'll get into something.

Life is good once again, it's beautiful out with our 2.9" of new fallen snow which will be gone by tonight!! I need to exercise still today, but that can be accomplished later tonight.

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Melanie said...

How nice to be able to spend some alone time with the honey. It's been in the 60's and 70's here this weekend. Strange temps for this time of year.