Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Life overload

There have so many times that I have wanted my kids to do things but then it becomes life overload. Last night was one of those nights, of course the extra things that have happened it what made me "tilt" but not all of it is bad.

The car broke last night, thank god ds1 has a car I can utilize for work while mine is getting fixed!! Soon to be xh is having a hard time with his new 'gf' and wants to come home, um NO! It's not my fault you ran and jumped in with two feet with her. I met someone new, it's very new but exciting..the kind of exciting you get when you actually meet a potential new mate. Hey slow down yousay, well I've been thinking the same thing myself. Timing stinks but truly I'm going to let this one ride and see where it goes. I don't want to look back and say I wonder what could have happened. Nice and slow and bear with me. I've been brutally honest about myself, what I have done and where I am in my life and he still wants to talk with me...I'm amazed but the smile on my face speaks a million for now I'm happy. The one boy is finishing up football this weekend, it's senior day so the pomp and circumstance will be not. But it's a big thing for my little boy who is quickly becoming a nice young man.

So life is overwhelming, I'm sure it will settle down eventually as we get in our new routine. It's all good and I'm very happy. Weight is maintaining for now, which is a good thing, I think it was dropping pretty quickly to quickly in fact. Exercise is good, not enough cardio right now, but still moving along. I've changed up my weights routine again, and I think these new things are working as I am starting to see new definition in some of the flab that is hanging around. I'm going to keep plugging and see what happens. I'm less than two weeks to my first year surgiversary and very excited by what has happened and what will continue to evolve....what a great year this has been.


Lady T said...

i dont know the history of all you got going on here...from this little snippet its a hellalot.

but i love how upbeat you seem to be keeping yourself.



Candy-O said...

Please, please, please tell me you have changed the locks!!! You do not need a drunk, crying xh showing up on your door and getting into your house in the middle of the night!

Trust me, it ain't pretty!!!

Susy said...

I've been reading your blog for sometime now. I've added you to my favorite blog list. I think your a strong woman and I enjoy your words and your blog. I thought it was time to say HI! Congrats on your one years surgiversary. How much have you lost now? Take care of you! Susy

Michelle said...

Locks changed, paperwork signed and submitted that precludes him from gaining legal access to the house...I'm not going to be the lady we read about in the paper. Thanks for all your great comments!!

Melanie said...

You go girl! You deserve to be happy. Looks like xh realized that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Poor baby, NOT!