Monday, October 08, 2007

Summer is not over yet...

So the calender says October 8th, but it feels more like July 8th here, hot and humid. Today's high should be around 87degrees. It's really hard to believe it's not July. The shorter daylight hours though is proof that it is. The weekend was great, busy and I'm thoroughly exhausted but full of fun and college visits. DS1 had his game Friday night downstate, a winner they were but with a injury to my ds, he has sprained his off to call the doctor today and see if I can get him in there. Sat was college visitiation all day out in the hot and humid sun and Sunday was a day of cleaning and relaxation. I can't believe how quickly the weekend flew by.

I did get some shopping done for new jeans, size 5-6 juniors...woo hoo...never in a million years, I literally had to look at the tag a millions times because I thought it was a typo or the number would I had fun Sat night catching up with some girlfriends for a night out of dancing and such. Burning the candle on both ends is not what I'm good at anymore, but it was fun!!

Lots of walking this weekend this a.m. and no more formal exercise today as we have our work trade show tonight. Should be another interesting day.


Incredible Me said...

Damn girl, I would have cut that tag out and had it framed. Congratulations!

Melanie said...

Sounds like your not getting much reprive from the heat either. My oldest daughter is going to NC State next weekend for their Open House with some friends. No parents were invited. Go figure. I told her that if I am paying for her to go there, I am visiting the campus at some point.

I would like to see that size in jeans again. I have to get motivated and be more serious about it.