Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sleepy today

Last night was a great success, I felt like a million bucks and alot of the suppliers were very kind to notice and remark in favorable fashion to the weight loss. Last year I attended the trade show wearing a very nice two piece outfit, size 22...ouch! This year a svelte person entered the room wearing an 8 skirt and size S wine cardigan. In hindsight I should have gotten a picture but oh well. So I'm tired as it was a long night of working after a full 8 hour day, shows me I'm not as young as I think I am!!

Today I did my weights, although I really didn't feel like it, I am starting to notice some definition of muscle on the outside of my upper thigh, this is exactly where and what I wanted to happen. So that is a big yeah for that! Tonight I will have to get some sort of cardio in as I went to the doc with ds1 regarding his leg, he has a strained MCL so off to therapy for two weeks and hopefully he'll be back at it in no time on the field. I know he's anxious as there are five games left....This weekend is homecoming so we've been getting prepared for all of that also.

I have alot of work a sickening sinus headache with the cold front starting to move through and I'm tired...welcome to my Tuesday!! lol

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