Friday, October 12, 2007

I will never understand

why people act the way they do. They tell you they like you and so on and so forth and then turn on you in a heartbeat. I experienced this with two of my close friends yesterday and I was shocked, horrified and very sad to see this happen to old friends of mine. Have i changed that much, that they feel they need to act like this? I don't think so, but with no explanation or anything it's hard to tell. I tried to speak with each of them about this, but totally was ignored and then later again but again totally ignored. Am I becoming a self absorbed blithering idiot as one put it so nicely! I don't think so, other's don't either....but who knows.

So I pumped up the exercise double last night, boy did I feel it this a.m. when I stretched with my yoga, I felt muscles I didn't know I had. I took out all my aggressions in my weights, poor weights :) I will have to say that I am glad that I have found exercise as a new outlet to stress and agression in my life. A year ago if this situation happened, I would have headed straight to a store and the pastry or candy rack. I would have loaded up and feasted to my hearts content in my car, but instead I went home and worked out...I went right upstairs changed and had at it. The feeling of releasing those feelings was more than enough to get me going and back in a better mood. So here I am, wondering if I still have two friends who I really like and feel are dear to me, maybe, maybe not...but at least I did the positive release instead of the negative.

So now to work and listen to the girls and their great lives all


Melanie said...

I wonder why they are acting so high school? Maybe they weren't as good of friends as you think. I hope everything works out for you.

Incredible Me said...

I hate it when someone you had thought you were close to does something that makes you question your relationship like that.

However, super kudos to you in turning to exercise. That is so awesome.

Dagny said...

You are probably changed more than you think and your friends can't handle it. It's happened to me so many times! But yeah, attack those weights!!!!
Take care---