Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend recap

The weekend was a blur of activities, but I did manage to get some much needed sleep in there also, didn't want a repeat of last weekend. Friday night we were out buying gifts, he found some really great deals so got more than he thought he would, good little shopper he is!! Sat bowling was good, a good friend of ours (who used to daycare ds2) has had a resurgence of her lymphoma and had two nodules removed last week, she is terribly swollen and uncomfortable, no conclusive results on her tests of them yet, so keep her in your prayers (this is round two of this for her). Then onto ds1 football game, it was a 1 point loss, what terrible upset for our boys, they all played so well. Saturday night was a nice dinner at home and relaxing, watched a movie and fell asleep during it!

Sunday was up early, chilly out so it felt great to start on some fall cleaning, got part of the dining room done as well as normal cleaning, wash and grocery shopping all before the 1pm kickoff of the Packers/Giants game. I felt very productive yesterday!! I did weights on Saturday a.m. and no other formal exercise although all the walking and cleaning should add up for something, I did manage to loose another 1.5 lb this week so I'll take it!! The scale is moving slowly down those last 15 the doc wants me to loose and I felt very accomplished and well adjusted by the end of the weekend!

Hope you all enjoyed the fall weather here in the Northeast, it was beautiful!!

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