Friday, September 14, 2007

Busy weekend again

I have my calendar filled again this weekend, will it ever end!! Tonight birthday boy 1 is going to get his gift(s) and then we are checking out the Y to see how it pans out for joining. After that we are home for the evening and up early tomorrow, bowling, 1:30 game and then dinner and hopefully a relaxing evening! Sunday I have wash, cleaning and all that fun stuff to get ready for another work week. Not so bad, I do have much worse coming up in the near future.

I spent the morning getting signed up for open house at the four colleges ds1 is interested in attending. It was quite a feat trying to work them between football games and other family commitments, but I managed to pull it off. I know a few of the weekends we are going to be beat after long evenings and early mornings and long days of visiting colleges. The deadlines are coming and we are trying desparately to get our acts together on this!! It is quite an adventure.

I did get up and do yoga today...yeah, unfortunately no cardio at lunch as I have an errand and I will desparately try to get something more in tonight!

Eating has been good, I'm glad it has been easy to cut out all those bad things that just seem to make you feel blah...I guess too much blah is a good indication I'm eating bad...Carbs being my No. 1 culprit of this. I also lost 4 lb in the last fews days so another indication that the carbs were holding me back!!!

Hopefully the showers will be over long before the game starts tomorrow and the weekend is supposed to turn cooler and drier, so pleasant fall weather is right around the corner for all of here in the northeast!! Soon we'll be seeing pumpkins and mums blooming and scarecrows popping up Halloween is right around the corner...Have a great weekend!!! I will too!

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